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Recreation & Leisure

Sunset Cruise
There can few better ways to adjust to the pace of backwater life than to spend the waning hours of the afternoon just watching the sun go down.
Backwater Cruises
Kumarakom slumbers on the banks of the famous Vembanad Lake, which is a part of Kuttanad ('granary' of Kerala). The Vembanad Lake with its majestic canals, streams and tributaries along its banks weave an intricate and enchantingly beautiful web.
The gorgeous green of the fringed palms ripple in the blue waters and blend into wavelets A boat ride in the countryside offers a close look into an engaging rustic life. Skilled-fishermen launching their cockshell boats.
Large flotillas of ducks waddling down to the water from thatched houses on the banks. Women, neck-deep in water, with their waist-length hair heaped in a crown, searching for fish with their feet. And aimless cattle grazing in lush pastureland, where white lotuses lie here and there in small, low-lying pools.
A relaxing boat trip through the maze of canals adjacent to Lake Palace is fascinating experience, and a delightful way to get a closer look at life in the backwaters
Bird Sanctuary
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, situated on the banks of the Vembanand Lake is known for its varied avian population. Local varieties such as waterfowls, cuckoos and owls, as well as the migratory Siberian Cranes can be viewed here.
Ayurvedic Centre
AYURVEDA, the Age old system of Medicine skilled by the Muni's and Rishi's in the yester years is not merely a Doctrine of medical Treatment, but a way of a healthy well being of life and a solution to many ailments that the modern medicine failed to cure. This system of medicine if practiced, prevents the ailments of the body and cures it completely. Basically, Ayurvedic treatment is not just for the affected part but for the whole body. It neutralizes the whole system, eliminates all toxic imbalances and alleviates all associated stress and strain of the body. Ultimately, enabling the body to regain the vigor, vitality, resistance and a sound healthy mind. The Lake palace offers the following therapies under the guidance of an expert Vaidyan (Physician) whom you may consult for a fuller understanding of symptoms and appropriate treatment. It is well equipped with a dispensary and qualified resident staff.
Therapeutic Progams
Ayurvedic treatment could completely cure chronic headaches, Insomnia, Mental tension and cases of hysteria. Other treatments include treatment to alleviate Osteoarthritis, Leukemia, treatment for rheumatic arthritis, Hemiplegia, Paralysis, Obesity, treatment for musculo -skeletal ailments due to accidents / Trauma, treatment for nasal / ear ailments etc.
Massage - General
The body is massaged with herbal oils and powders. Tones improve circulation and restores energy and vigor.
Medicated Steam bath
The body is exposed to the rejuvenating vapors of special leaves and herbs that are boiled. Eliminates toxins, reduces fat tissue and good for certain skin disorders.
A variety of herbal preparations are used to cleanse the nasal pas